Spirit of Adomax
Company Philosophy
ADOMAX was founded in 1995, is a focus on the development of computer peripheral equipment, the leading brand.

We are always a sincere and pragmatic people-oriented business philosophy, down-to-earth step-by-step technical excellence. And use the fundamental essence of human nature into our product innovation and R & D concept. We believe that in this era of ever-changing, ADOMAX to provide more than just products, but also let people at work, leisure, learning and entertainment, the more practical, and recreational use to meet the people's lives.
Germany has always been known for a delicate process, in order to pursue science, technology and the art of leading the trend, ADOMAX set up a "Digital ID Design Center." We use the German concept of process design as a starting point to show the spirit of the humanities and the arts. R & D process, we selected a variety of products design and development, so that products meet both functional and beautiful and those who uphold superior product innovation and the demands of the production process in the implementation of strict quality control requirements in order to achieve the target of highest quality products.
ADOMAX products marketing network all over the world, we have won the 2001 Award of Taiwan Excellence for the selection of excellent design, the same year in Japan was the ideal brand of winning the first, and in 2008 the network of our re-boarded the Japanese photographic products sales first. We firmly believe that there is a point there will be a work of the harvest. ADOMAX people will continue to have the research and development of new technologies and products, and adhere to the most stringent quality, wish you enjoy a perfect science, technology and life. This will be we always strive to the spirit and goals.
Brand Spirit
+ Human science and Technology, Comfort and Ease + 
ADOMAX pursue "People-Oriented" the perfect process, in each of the details of product design and process, the humane considerations is the most important design factors.

In ADOMAX digital ID design center, we have established the most advanced design knowledge base, knowledge base in addition to technology, aesthetics, and other agencies and circuit etc., the ergonomic and user research habits is one of our most proud of the project, designed by Digital Knowledge Center, a powerful support to enable the ADOMAX designers and engineers to design the best of the best technology products of human nature.

We would like to express the ADOMAX design team to create not only the latest most advanced products, but also human nature to create the most value. ADOMAX products allow you to use when we feel the sincerity and intentions. ADOMAX technology allows the design of human nature, at any time in your work, life and entertainment brought about by the smooth comfort and unlimited fun.