Professional Technology
ADOMAX Expertise
ADOMAX from within the professional and dedicated, ADOMAX always uphold the "Human Technology" for the development of the spindle, into the computer and information products, research and development. The objectives of strong development and management ADOMAX team to be pursued is to create a user habits more in line with the excellent quality products. Try and through research and innovation, we have accumulated a very substantial expertise and experience, not only to create a number of the industry's first product is the award-winning frequent.

+ 1996 Years +
Successful launch of a single mouse wheel to easily manipulate the vertical and horizontal scroll function of the direction.
+ 1999 Years +
ADOMAX build all over the world to launch the first "Mini Optical Mouse," a glorious record, to lead the market trend at the time, hitting the Japanese market for more than one year of the mouse re-sale of top titles.
+ 2001 Years +
Market to create the first "New concept of Swing Mouse (Crystal Mouse)", and products in the same year won the award of Taiwan excellence for best design.
+ 2007 Years +
1. Integrate the self-mirror into network cameras and have their "Self-Mirror Patent."
2. Creative webcam foot stretch of the best seats, and has the patent.
+ 2008 Years +
ADOMAX webcam won the unanimous praise for IT industries of Japan, and received the highest honor on behalf of sales success of the BCN (Business Computer News) Awards.
ADOMAX design in product development, apart from the Continuously pursuit of innovation and breakthrough, and have the following expertise and patents
Web Cam

1.Create stretch of excellent for feet stand
Innovative ultra-high quality plastic bag-type base, upgrade its technology and quality, the outer layer of rubber material, is environmentally friendly high-quality rubber material, the skin will not have any injuries, inner tubes for the snake's feet, the feet of the extension excellent, with the screen size and can be done to adjust the thickness to overcome the traditional base can only be placed on the desktop or specific restrictions on the size of the screen, not only can be placed on the screen of any kind, so the network camera placed on the screen on as a part of the screen can also be placed on the Desktop. This special feet design, and a patent No.: M309823
2.Innovations Web Cam " Self-Mirror "
The success of the " Self-Mirror " with the camera in the network, the solution to the webcam to take pictures in front wink, not only to restrictions and too much trouble to look at the camera lens into a smirk, so several times, or shoot eyes less than vivid. ADOMAX is now invented a camera embedded in the network on the mirror, easy solution to this thorny problem. As long as you have the small mirror in front, good posture adjustment on it. This surface is not small mirror can help when you see their own self and do not require edge-to-lens on the computer screen to screen in all day for adjustment. Allows you to easily be on camera, make the eyes sparkle charming style!
The Self-Mirror is mirror design of best imitation, so that you can taste pretty extraordinary mirror to see themselves at any time, not to "the seat of your pants" in the perspective of a mirror and headache. Webcams build in Snapshot button, at any time to enjoy the fun self. Self-Mirror patent number: M310355

1. 2.4GHZ wireless high technology
ADOMAX successful launch of the 2.4GHz wireless high-tech technology, ID on the code, two-way communication anti-jamming and low-power technologies such as ultra-long standby.
+ Low-power, anti-interference +
Anti-interference in the 2.4GHz band available to work under the scope of use of a greater and stronger anti-interference ability. Low-power conditions, so you should not always remove the battery for inconvenience. ADOMAX released its 2.4 GHZ is characterized by the use of innovative energy technologies, can have super-long standby time.
+ Super-distance wireless technology  +
2.4 GHZ technology of the ADOMAX its transmission distance up to 10 meters, to ensure the stability of its signal transmission, and its performance is far beyond its normal 27MHz wireless optical mouse. This technology of wireless transmission has a strong performance without any corner, providing excellent links to the wireless transmission feature.
+ Free of frequency technology+
ADOMAX 2.4 GHZ another code-free connectivity for your wireless mouse and wired mouse as very smooth, you just plug the receiver and be fitted with batteries, mouse and receiver will automatically complete the connection.
+ Mini receiver +
Innovative mini-receiver, easy to carry can be kept at the bottom of the mouse, mini, compact receiver still keep strong performance, space is only the length of 1.9 cm design, simply insert the computer USB port once mouse functions can be used at any time, no longer have trouble missing the receiver.
2. Original high-tech Double-Lens technology
Double-Lens is a new technology made by ADOMAX, known as the English Double Lens, a traditional optical mouse only a Lens, a result of light reflected back to the mouse sensitivity is only 30%, so in many special surface is unable to work, but an increase of a Lens into a back refraction Double Lens enhance sensitivity to the mouse, the sensitivity close to 100%. Therefore raised the mouse more the applicability of the surface, and its applicability as high as 99 percent, beyond the laser mouse sensor performance, but also because it is the principle of optics without having to worry about careless use of a laser mouse and damage the eyes. This new initiative has been the market leading technology and a mouse can go further a higher realm.

3.Original Hyper-Fast scrolling wheel technology
Firstly published Hyper-Fast scrolling wheel mouse by ADOMAX, close the Hyper-Fast scrolling wheel as well as single-wheel dual-mode professional design, a means to easily switch rapidly under pressure Hyper-Fast scrolling wheel and standard wheel mode, everything is in your hands. Hyper-Fast scrolling wheel mode, allows you to rapidly browse long documents, web pages, perfect efficiency.
4.The publication of Multi-Media and 4-Direction scrolling wheel
+ Multimedia features+
Music player, music volume control keys, and easy web browsing functions, as long as you control the use of a simple key to easy manipulation of music and web pages to enhance the effectiveness and convenience of life.
+ 4-Direction scrolling wheel+
Original single wheel to provide vertical or horizontal scrolling, as long as you can easily control with the index finger up and down around Mobile, and rapid vertical or horizontal scrolling window allows you to more easily browse large files, reports, or web page to enhance your efficiency.